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Have the pending pharmaceutical Serialization regulations got you worried? Join us, learn more and get on your path to compliance and value from visibility. We’re delighted to be part of one of the industry’s best supply chain security, brand protection and patient safety events – Access to Safe Medicines Europe for 2016.

Our Managing Director, Timothy Marsh, will be discussing approaches to extracting value from some of the industries more onerous and expensive traceability regulations;  “Product Serialization: Moving Beyond Compliance to Value from Visibility”. But you need not have a regulation to extract value from technologies that enable individual item identification and authentication.

Marsh has presented previously at two prior US events as Co-Chair of the GS1 Healthcare Global Leadership Team and as Pfizer’s Technology Manager for Supply Chain Security and Brand Protection. Marsh brings extensive experience protecting some of the world’s most counterfeited medicines and is an expert on GS1 Standards and Serialization Traceability Regulations. Today’s healthcare brand owners will benefit from this presentation by understanding how serialization fits within their broader efforts to Mitigate Risk, Manage Cost and of course Extract Hidden Value.

We hope you can join us and be part of the conversation.

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