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We were asked to assist one of the world’s largest animal health companies in establishing a product integrity program. The program would encompass elements of anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and supply chain security. The client understood that although evidence indicated they were experiencing counterfeiting and illegal diversion, the extent of the impact to the business was not well understood. Initial belief was that a program would be necessary, but this belief wasn’t strong enough to support endorsement by the executive team and subsequent investment. Therefore it was necessary to build a business case in support of the program.

Business Need and Existing Issues:

Historically the client had very little evidence of supply chain security issues such as counterfeiting and illegal diversion. As a global company they had recently established regional security functions. Their regional security teams conducted investigations, followed up on customer complaints and liaised with commercial sales people to cast a wide net. In a very short time they uncovered a significant level of product security incidents. Something alarming and dangerous was occurring. The more the regional teams looked, the more problems they uncovered. If this growing problem was to be addressed the client recognized they needed expertise they did not have internally. They contacted us.

SCS Partners’ Approach for Success:

SCS Partners assigned a seasoned colleague with significant experience in anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and supply chain security to manage the project. A Phase 0 Assessment is largely an activity of discovery built on theory that the data uncovered will support or refute that theory. The approach required the scientific method, an objective mindset and an awareness that much of what is really occurring is opaque to the client – counterfeiters don’t communicate their successes! Our ability to provide qualified analysis based on facts and logical conjecture would be essential to supporting (or refuting) the need for a product integrity program. We combined our expertise in understanding what is really occurring with our skills at crafting a compelling story on the nature of the problem or opportunity.


A Phase 0 Assessment is a fast-paced exercise in discovery and analysis. We were able to perform all necessary discovery and analysis within a few weeks. The data uncovered did indeed demonstrate the significant nature of the client’s product integrity problems. Furthermore we were able to tell a compelling story about this data as part of the business case and a supportive white paper. We expect our client to move ahead with further activities, some leveraging our expertise, to mitigate their product integrity problems.