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Supply Chain Security Partners Case Study: Innovation – 1st Global Identification and Capture Innovation Workshop, Barcelona Spain, May 2015.


We were asked to assist the global HQ of one of the world’s largest not-for-profit industry standards organizations, with Innovation services targeted at enabling the establishment of a wider external network comprised of industry experts across healthcare, consumer goods, food & beverage and logistics. Shortly after beginning this engagement we were also asked to assist in the development and lead the facilitation of the 1st Innovation Workshop for Identification (ID) & Capture. We were excited at the opportunity to work directly with this new client and help shape the future of supply chain.

Business Need and Existing Issues:

We’ve known that innovation is an improperly used, and often miss-understood, term. However for our client this is not the case largely to the credit of their CTO and their Innovation Board. They recognized that it was imperative they deliver on an innovation strategy to ensure the shared success of the organization and the users of the standards.

Our client quickly realized that to be successful they would need to engage professionals across industry sectors to join in the dialogue. Critical to this need was to focus on individuals who do not regularly participate in standards development, and in some cases may not even be aware that the organization exists. Diversity of input and participation was essential to gathering valuable insight.

The innovation workshop that had been planned prior to SCS Partners involvement was fast approaching with minimal planning and development of objectives. Exasperating this need was the fact that our client had not been able to fill open positions specific to innovation in the previous months. The resource constraints were challenging the success of the workshop.

Our client recognized our capabilities in this area would be a perfect fit for ensuring success for both the external engagement and delivery of a successful innovation workshop.

SCSP’s Approach for Success:

At SCSP we assigned the project to our Managing Director, Tim Marsh, CEO of Marsh Consulting Ltd. The urgency of the project deliverables did not afford time to juggle projects of our employees and Tim was the immediate best fit. Tim is a seasoned innovation process expert. Also, his familiarity with standards development and having many connections with our client’s colleagues around the world meant we could quickly engage and successfully navigate the organization.

We worked closely with the planning committee for the workshop to develop an agenda of activities and breakout sessions. The expectation of the client was that we would exit the workshop with 3 to 5 tangible areas of further exploration on the part of client and industry. This was a very aggressive goal for the time allotted for the workshop. Therefore we tailored the selection of insight gathering and idea generation activities to bring the participants from a proverbial 40,000 feet down to ground level within a very short period. We also intermixed ice breakers and topic presentations designed to provide a mental break and foster an environment of collaboration and trust.

Using other innovation activity tools and a creative layout for the workshop space we were successful in delivering on the clients expectations.


The success of the workshop was validated repeatedly by the feedback from the participants, comments from leadership and a request of SCS Partners to assist in the next phase – a second workshop, industry trends report and additional external engagement.

Participant comments on the workshop and its execution:

“The final day was incredible and would not have been possible without you having us start at the macro level on insights and idea generation. Thank you!”

“Thanks again for the invitation to the workshop over the past few days, it was both interesting and fun!”

“Thank you for an interesting day. I think it was an incredible day, and it would have never happened if we didn’t execute the exercises the day before.”

We strongly believe our client’s feedback, that of the participants and a commitment to use our services for the next phase indicates we’ve exceeded expectations.

At Supply Chain Security Partners we’re confident we can help your company to similar success. Contact us today to explore what we may achieve together.